Why Are Some People 10x Happier, More Energized,
More Inspired and More Successful Than Others?

Tiny Routines = Remarkable Results

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Question for you…


Do you sometimes feel like you are wasting your precious mornings, getting through your busy day and before you go to bed…deep inside, you feel like this precious day of your life wasn’t very fulfilling?


Like you know you could be doing SO much more with your time and your life?!?!


Do you crave some structure?




Maybe you do have structure…but it’s like this:

Alarm Clock (Hit Snooze like 3 times?)




Breakfast (Unhealthy?)


Hustle to Work (Traffic?)


Work (Boring?)


Home (Dead Tired?)


Dinner / TV


What if you could START your day and FINISH IT feeling energized, inspired, and with a clear sense of purpose and    


I have good news for you…

Here’s the “Magic” Formula:

Great Morning Routine =
Healthy Habits + Energy + Motivation =
Daily Inspired Action = 365 Days x Your Lifetime =
MAJOR Success

Results Don’t Lie.

If you look at just about every successful person in history …

They all have (or have had) some sort of organized & structured morning routine that lead to them having an awesome day.

I’m talking REALLY successful people like:

“If You Win The Morning You Win The Day”

This is a quote from Tim Ferriss, a guy who has interviewed HUNDREDS of top performers about their morning routines.

And he’s not the only one who knows the magic of a killer morning routine …

Here are a few other thoughts on the subject:

According to a Harvard University Article, “A good morning routine can positively influence your attitude, energy level, and performance throughout the day.”

The American Psychological Association states that by creating and following a morning routine, your stress, depression, and anxiety levels will start to plummet and your life satisfaction levels will begin to soar. You’ll notice that you feel more motivated and your to-do list will seem less daunting.

In the Harvard Business Review they wrote that: People whose performance peaks in the morning are better positioned for career success, because they’re more proactive than people who are at their best in the evening.

But Wait a Minute …

Are you telling me that by simply implementing a morning routine I could have:

  • More Energy?
  • Focus?
  • Productivity?
  • Happiness?
  • Motivation?
  • And career success?


  • Less Stress?
  • Anxiety?
  • Depression?
  • And Overwhelm?

… YES!!!

That is exactly what I am telling you!
Let me illustrate …

My Little Experiment With Morning Routines

(What Did I Do That Was So Different?)

My initial problem was that I was 100% not taking action on the things I truly cared about and truly wanted to create. I had goals but I had almost lost sight of them. They were fuzzy, out of focus at best, and they certainly had no momentum. I wasn’t taking action on them. I guess that was partly because I had gotten distracted by a few big life changes, but the other thing is … my motivation and the big “WHY” for my goals was not all that clear. It’s pretty hard to be self-motivated and take action when you aren’t 100% sure what you want or why you want it!!! Sometimes the going gets tough and things come up and if you don’t have a really clear sense of what you want and WHY you want it … you are FUCKED. You know what I’m talking about…

So here I was, waking up to the fact that I had gotten distracted. I lost sight of what I truly wanted to create. I lost all momentum. And I had accumulated a ton of bad habits that were violating my core values and weren’t helping me ONE BIT to achieve my goals.

What were these bad habits?

  • Skipping workouts
  • Drinking too much Alcohol
  • Eating crappy foods
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Negative thinking
  • Waking up WAY too late and WASTING my day
  • And taking NO action on my biggest goals …
Essentially, I just hit a point where I was like “what the fuck am I doing with my life?”    

I wasn’t happy.

And my mother (smart lady) once told me that “if you aren’t happy, make a change.”

Welllllll shitttt.

I guess I had to make some changes. Which was going to royally SUCK because change can be hard as balls sometimes …

When you are at the lowest of lows it’s really HARD to pick yourself back up again. BY YOURSELF. And change all of your shit habits …

So I started small.

I started with BASIC ASS SHIT … like drinking 500+ mls of water asap when I got up.

With challenging my mind to come up with 5 things I was grateful for right off
the bat so I could combat my negative thinking.

I started actually doing my physio stretches.

I started eating a damn good, healthy, nutritious breakfast that energized me
and kept me full (and crushing it) for hours.

And maybe the most amazing part .. I started shifting my mindset in another way …

I spent time in reflection.

I spent time getting REALLY clear on what I wanted to create in my life (my goals) …

And I started to revisit them …


The results have been nothing short of amazing.

I went from waking up at 11am to waking up at 6:30am.

From having coffee and chocolate for breakfast (ask anyone who knows me .. I really do have a
chocolate addiction haha) to having a superfood chia seed, flaxseed, maca powder and cacao powder
oatmeal for breakfast.

I had to keep SOME chocolate in there ;);)

From being (basically) depressed and unhappy to feeling blessed. Feeling grateful and feeling
motivated AF to get my ass out of bed and KILLLLL ITTTTTT!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back I can see that these habits helped me strengthen a long lost muscle …


You know, the one you have to flex when the going gets tough?

The one you have to flex when your friend at work offers you some pastries but you JUST SAID you wanted abs?

Yeah, that one!

In essence, I am on FIRE these days. I am focused. I am motivated.
I wake up each day and leap out of bed with the energy of 1000 spartans because I KNOW exactly what I want and why I want it.    

I’ve strengthened my discipline muscle.
I’ve upgraded my mindset.
And i’ve given my body and mind the fuel they need to do their BEST work.

It’s been truly transformational for me.

And now I want to share it ..
With YOU!

Introducing The 21 Day Morning Routine Challenge

(Not as Hard As it Sounds!)

In essence, here’s what I want for you:


To wake up and feel gratitude and awe for what is.
To feel energized, motivated, and focused.
To be in a DAMN GOOD mood.
To have that pep in your step that only comes from inner confidence.
To see the world each day in a more positive and optimistic light than you have before.

AND most importantly …
I want you to be SUPER clear on what you value and what you want to accomplish (both big picture
and each day) so that months or years from now, when you look back, you think to yourself …

“I am so proud of what I have accomplished and the way that I have lived my life.”

THAT is what I want for you.

I want you to live a meaningful, passionate and fulfilling life.

“OK So How Is This Challenge Going To Accomplish All That?”


We are going to focus on winning your mornings,
Which means you will win your days,
Which means you will win your LIFE.

To win your morning, we are going to “habit stack.”

One by one we are going to add good habit after good habit to your routine …
until you master all 6 KEY HABITS.

These habits are:

    1 Gratitude
    2 Hydration
    3 Vision/Goals
    4 Movement
    5 Nutrition
    6 Learning

When you sign up for the challenge, here’s what will happen:

First, you’ll be put into a Facebook group of supportive, like-minded individuals who are after the EXACT SAME transformation that you are after.

When the program kicks off you will start to receive daily videos from me!

Every 3 days we will introduce a new habit.

You’ll get access to videos, articles and photos designed to motivate you, inspire you, educate you and help you tweak the habits to make them work perfectly for YOU and YOUR unique lifestyle and needs!

Starting new habits can be HARD.

And some of these habits can seem so small ..
And so trivial …

That you might not do them :O :O :O

That’s why it’s my job to “edu-spire” you (yes I just tried to make a word out of educate and inspire) so that you overcome any resistance you may have, actually DO the habits and at the end of the 21 days come out a much happier, healthier person!! YAY!

All you need to do is carve out 30 minutes each morning (not including breakfast) and a little extra time every 3 days to complete the challenge exercises.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get:

  • DAILY VIDEOS from me!
  • HABIT STACKING = organized and systematic way of building good habits
  • ARTICLES, VIDEOS AND MORE to educate you and help keep you inspired and motivated to take action!
  • A COMMUNITY of supportive and like-minded individuals just like you 🙂
  • CHALLENGE EXERCISES designed to help you mold this routine into the perfect one for you
  • CHALLENGE RESOURCES to help you complete each exercise
  • CHALLENGE SCORE SHEET to track your progress in the challenge
  • DAILY EDUCATION, INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION you need to do the habits and create a KILLER morning routine!

Special Bonus:

LIVE Training & Coaching Videos With Morgan
to answer your questions and give feedback!

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Choose Your Goals. Develop Healthy Habits. Get Accountability. Achieve Your WINS Faster!

Who Is This Challenge For?

This is for you if…

  • You are FED UP with squandering your potential
  • You are sick of WASTING your days
  • You have dreams and goals you want to achieve
  • You want to be more confident
  • You would like to feel more joy in everyday life
  • You want to develop your discipline muscle
  • You desire a healthier and happier lifestyle
  • You would like more energy
  • You want a more positive and optimistic outlook on life
  • You would like to be in a better mood each day
  • You sometimes lack the motivation and inspiration needed to achieve your goals
  • You want to feel more passionate and connected to your purpose
  • You want to create more structure, organization and focus in your life

This program is not for you if …

  • You are not willing to get up 30 minutes earlier each day to complete the routine
  • You cannot commit to spending a couple hours each week completing the exercises
  • You don’t want to participate and contribute to Facebook group discussions
  • You want to complain and are going to make excuses
  • You do not want to build new habits

Let’s Do This As a Group – With No Judgement!

I’d love it if we built a small community around this! Why? I’m a coach and I’ve worked with several people one-on-one and have seen amazing results. One-on-one coaching works. BUT, there’s magic in having a community. Having a small, safe group, everyone gets to share their wins, and their struggles. And community members are there to support one another.

Change can be hard, but with together it’s a LOT easier. Imagine you doing yoga class… in an empty room. All by yourself. Do that for a month and see the effects it has on your motivation to continue.

My point …
Most things are easier …

How’s This Going to Help YOU?


  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Healthy Weight Management and Weight Loss
  • Body detoxification
  • Boosts immune system (take that cold and flu season)
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved complexion
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased flexibility (muscle/joint flexibility)


  • More optimistic
  • More spiritually connected
  • Higher self esteem
  • Feeling better and happier
  • More resilient
  • More relaxed
  • Better relationships
  • More generous
  • Increased productivity and decision making
  • Better networking
  • Better goal achievement
  • Improved sleep
  • More energy
  • More exercise
  • Longevity
  • Less sick
  • Lower anxiety

Healthy Breakfast

  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Healthy Weight Management and Weight Loss
  • Mindset
  • Control appetite
  • Better digestion
  • Better sleep


  • Reduce stress
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Health. …
  • Decreases muscle soreness
  • improving your brain activity
  • Mental and physical Energy
  • Positive mindset
  • Weight loss
  • Enhance metabolism


  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Clarity
  • Positive mindset
  • Creating bigger possibilities
  • Realizing Your Potential
  • Aligning daily action with goals
  • More goal attainment
  • Self confidence
  • Happier
  • Better mood
  • More energy
  • Increased focus
  • Better decision making
  • Holds you accountable for actions


  • Understand how successful people think
  • Upgrade your sphere of influence
  • Adopt new habits and mindsets
  • Get new ideas
  • Receive mentoring
  • Get inspired and motivated to take action
  • Learn from other people’s C
Join The Wait List!    

Choose Your Goals. Develop Healthy Habits. Get Accountability. Achieve Your WINS Faster!

Here’s What A Few Peeps Be Sayin’

“Morgan is hands down the fucking best coach! She helped me change my diet and get me outta bed early to do meditation and inspirational shitz that benefits me today!! Yeye!!” ~ Tarek

“My digestion improved IMMEDIATELY … on the first day!!!” – Norma G.

Who’s Running This Show?!?!

My name is Morgan Gillis. I’m an online blogger and nutrition coach.   


In the past 5 years I’ve been involved with everything from running and coaching at CrossFit gyms, to writing online blogs, to coaching 1-on-1 nutrition clients.

I’m a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, a Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist and a graduate of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

No Risk For You

If for whatever reason you are not happy with this challenge … you have a 7 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If my few years of coaching, I’ve never had any refunds. Progress takes time, but be patient with yourself. I invite you to stick with this, and watch yourself grow over the next 21 days and beyond!   


Any Questions?

  • 1 What do I need to do to get started?
    Nothing! Except a pen/pencil and some paper of course 😉
  • 2How much time will I need to commit each day?
    Expect to commit 30 minutes FIRST THING in the morning, EVERY MORNING and an additional a couple hours each week to do the exercises required to craft your morning routine. This may mean you need to get up 30 minutes earlier each day. If you cannot commit to this … this
    program is likely not for you.
  • 3Why 21 days?
    Phillippa Lally is a health psychology researcher at University College London. In a study
    published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, Lally and her research team decided to figure out just how long it actually takes to form a habit. It took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit. 

    This really ranges from simple to complex habits. So that’s why the aim of this challenge is to BUILD a solid foundation on some really simple fundamentals. Small hinges swing big doors. 21 days is to do and repeat so it starts becoming automatic!

  • 4What if I can’t commit for the full 21 days?
    If you can’t commit for the full 21 days, again, this program is likely not for you.
  • 5Can’t I just Google or Youtube this stuff? I mean how hard can it be?
    Yes you can. But you’d be missing the point of the challenge. This 21 Day Challenge is about having the RIGHT INFORMATION, in the RIGHT ORDER, and then taking INSPIRED ACTION (Driven by a Challenge format and a Community). If you Google, you’re going to get a lot of random to dos, with no supportive community or purpose to back you up!
  • 6Will it work for me?
    Of course it’s going to work for you! Not only are you getting a structured and organized way of systematically stacking these amazing habits on one-by-one … you are also getting a
    SUPPORTIVE community to help you along the way.
    Plus the habits that we will be working on in this challenge are universal habits that you see over and over again with successful people. These habits apply to everyone.
  • 7When will I see results?
    Even on the VERY FIRST DAY you will begin to see results. You will immediately start developing your discipline muscle and you will gain more and more confidence knowing that you are moving in the direction of your dreams.
  • 8Why should I trust you?
    Because you’re not just trusting me … you’re trusting history! You are trusting people like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey! The habits and techniques you see in the program are based on real people, with REALLY BIG results.
  • 9But Morgan, What if stress comes up during the day, like having a bitchy, nagging boss or a backstabbing coworker? What about unexpected life circumstances? A morning routine can’t stop or fix these life realities!
    Yes. While we can’t control the outside world, we are incharge and responsible for of ourselves. The morning routine is about building healthy habits to help you master YOU. And in that way you are better equipped to deal with whatever unexpected issues and stress that comes your way. Successful people have the same or even bigger problems that you. But it’s how they deal with them that makes the difference.
  • 10Do I need Facebook?
    Yes, you need Facebook. This is where our community will reside. Once you join the challenge you will be added to the Facebook group with other like-minded and supportive people. The
    community is one of the biggest advantages of this challenge.
  • 11Why does it have a cost to it?
    Trust me when I say A LOT of careful thought, planning, research and study has gone on to create this program. Blood, sweat and tears were poured into this thing. And not only that, in an effort to get this out to more people, money was spent on creating this website, on advertising etc … I need to at least break even with what I’ve spent! 

    And Besides, it’s a dollar a day! I KNOW you have a dollar a day! That’s less than it costs to go out to eat ONCE! That’s a bottle of wine … that’s 1/6th of those Lululemon pants you’re wearing! I KNOW you’re wearing Lulu’s right now!!!

Don’t Pay The Price of Regret…

There’s a famous quote by Jim Rohn who said, you either pay the price of discipline or you pay the price of regret. Think about 12 months from now. Imagine yourself being the same place where you are now, with no improvement in your life. If it feels even a tad depressing, that’s the cost. Multiply this by 30 years. Imagine what that would feel like. Yikes!